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About Chargify

In 2009, the founders of Grasshopper saw the need for an online service to help businesses manage their recurring revenue customers. Chargify started out as a team within Grasshopper - small and focused on the core needs of our early users.

Throughout 2009 and 2010, we grew our team, grew our features, and increased our pricing. Those initial years moved quickly and were filled with finding “product/market fit” while keeping an eye on eventual profitability.

In 2011, we took an investment from Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks and one of the investors on the TV show, “Shark Tank”. Mark’s investment helped us push forward just a bit ahead of revenues. At that time, we formed Chargify, LLC, as a seperate company from Grasshopper.

In 2012, we continued to build new features, we raised prices a 2nd time in our history, we got profitable, and we partnered with Shopify to help merchants that need an ecommerce store plus recurring revenue management.

Our biggest accomplishment in 2012 was reaching profitability with a nice part of Cuban’s investment still on hand. This makes us very happy, because profitability and sustainability underlies everything we do to keep our merchants’ businesses humming along nicely.

Meet The Team

Lance Walley, Co-Founder & CEO

Before joining Chargify in 2009, Lance co-founded Engine Yard in 2006, which grew into a key player in the Ruby on Rails space. Years before Engine Yard, Lance co-founded Parallax in 1987, which makes tiny Basic Stamp computers that can be purchased worldwide. Personal time: motorcycles, cowboy boots, and coffeehouses.

Michael Klett, Co-Founder & Technical Lead

Michael is a former hardware engineer who designed circuit boards for Alcatel, and parts of the XBOX 360 CPU for IBM.  After his adoption of Ruby on Rails, Michael left the hardware world in 2007 to pursue web development full-time.  He launched his own company, Web Advocate, to create custom e-commerce sites and content management systems, and ran it for two years. Now, as co-founder & Technical Lead of Chargify, Michael leads all of Chargify's development. He derives particular enjoyment from working on applications that help entrepreneurs. Michael holds a B.S. and M.S. in Computer Engineering from NC State University.  In his free time, Michael enjoys playing soccer, snowboarding, and putting together puzzles with his daughter.

Nathan Verni, Applications Engineer

Nathan Verni is a NYC based web developer who has been working with Rails since early 2006. Nathan led the open source development team at Blenderbox, an award winning interactive agency in Brooklyn, where he learned the value of working with small, passionate teams and the meaning of the term “pixel-perfect”. He believes in lower-case ‘a’ agile development and iteratively building useful products. Though Ruby is his primary language, he also keeps up with the Django, Scala and .NET MVC communities. When not coding, Nathan enjoys discovering new music, reading the classics, and hanging out with his wife and cat. He has a B.S. in Information Systems from Syracuse University.

Drew Blas, Operations Engineer

Drew is a pathological learner. He can always be found searching, exploring, and soaking in the juices of knowledge. When not performing his solemn duties as Keeper-Of-Uptime, he has be known to enjoy playing board games, flying, and playing music.

Jeremy Rowe, Software Developer

Jeremy is somewhat of a programming language connoisseur with a wide array development exposure. He has been involved in everything from the embedded development space to the web development space, working with both high and low level programming languages. All of that aside, Jeremy will openly admit that it is not software development that is his passion, but instead solving problems and making others lives better through it is. After hours Jeremy is involved in open source software, teaching others, biking, snowboarding and fishing. You will also see him frequenting coffee shops and bookstores as well.

Eric Farkas, Software Developer

Eric has a wide range of programming experience, gained while working as a developer on Wall Street and at startups of various sizes. He came to Ruby and Rails in 2007 after spending several years doing enterprise Java development, and has not touched an XML configuration file since. When not solving problems with code, Eric enjoys spending time with his wife and 4 children, reading, playing drums, and making beer. He has a B.S. in Computer Science from St. John's University.

Lee Corwin

Lee Corwin, Marketing

Lee Corwin works in marketing with Chargify. He grew up in the central valley of California and is now based out of Sacramento, CA. Alumni from UC Santa Cruz where he studied Business Management and Economics. When Lee isn't working he enjoys hiking, camping, spending time with his family, friends, and dog.

Britton Gwaltney

Britton Gwaltney, Marketing

Britton Gwaltney helps in the Marketing Department at Chargify. He is currently attending Sacramento State majoring in Business. When time permits he is working toward being an EMT/ paramedic on the side. In his free time, he enjoys hanging out with friends, skiing, snowboarding, swimming, playing basketball, and going camping.

Ed L'Italien, Head of Support

Ed leads our 24/7 support teams. He's responsible for providing great customer support through proper staffing & training of our Tier 1 & Tier 2 support teams.

Kori Francis, Support

Based in Kingston, Ontario - Kori is a web developer who's been working with .NET since he graduated in 2006. Kori found his niche with small teams working on Medical Information Management Systems. When not developing, Kori enjoys playing drums, running [The Kingston Meistersingers](http://www.meistersingers.ca) and helping out the regional/national improvisation scene.

Robert Babcock

Robert Babcock, Tech Support Developer

Based in Panama City FL - Robert works for Tier 2 Support department helping to ensure customer support in a quick and timely matter. In his off time Robert enjoys bowling, fishing, books, and sports.

Riki Crusha, Staff Accountant

Riki has been involved in accounting for the past 20+ years and has been an integral part of some recent startups. Engine Yard with Lance Walley is listed among these. When not buried in the books, she enjoys her kids, boating, shooting, and golfing.

Siamak Taghaddos, Co-Founder & Advisor

Siamak Taghaddos is co-founder & CEO of Grasshopper. A lifelong student of marketing & branding, Siamak is one of the youngest CEOs to have lead a company to the Inc. 500 list of the fastest growing private companies in U.S., has been named to BusinessWeek's Top 5 Under 25 entrepreneurs list, Inc. Magazine's 30 Under 30 list, and was named as the Massachusetts Young Entrepreneur of the Year by the SBA. He has been featured in various publications including the Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, CNN, FOX News, and other media.

David Hauser @dh

David Hauser, Co-Founder & Advisor

David Hauser is co-founder of Grasshopper. A passionate technologist, he is one of the youngest co-founders to have lead a company to the Inc. 500 list of the fastest growing private companies in U.S. He was also co-founder of Return Path, an e-mail performance management company, and founder of WebAds360, an ad-serving technology provider for small and mid-sized businesses. David has been featured on CNN, named one of Boston Business Journal’s “40 Under 40,” and has been featured in the Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal and many other publications.

Mark Cuban, Investor

Mark Cuban is the highly successful entrepreneur and investor who founded HDNet, Broadcast.com and MicroSolutions. In July 2011, Mark invested in Chargify. Mark’s experience and wisdom building great companies gets us even more excited for the future of Chargify.


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