Mar 21

Salesforce + Chargify

See your Chargify customers and subscriptions in Salesforce.

Our Salesforce integration pushes Chargify customers & subscriptions into your Salesforce account, AND keeps that info updated as things change.

This means your team members who work in Salesforce can see the info they need to do better sales and better customer support.

Mar 11

Payment Gateways Get Exciting: More Countries, ACH, Card Account Updater, $50K

Chargify works with 10 payment gateways in different countries.

The gateways used to be confined to their home countries, and they all used to do pretty much the same thing: store cards, process payments, and perform anti-fraud functions.

That’s all changing with expansion into more countries, plus some exciting feature differentiation that may help your Chargify businesses.

Mar 07

Success is Methodical, but Guts can be Critical

Last week, Chargify helped sponsor the Launch Festival in San Francisco. It’s an annual conference that was started in 2010 by Jason Calacanis. It brings together top-notch speakers like Mark Cuban and Paul Graham with hundreds of small companies & startups and thousands of attendees.

A funny thing happened that reminded me of the importance of occasional guts.  And of not jumping to conclusions.

Feb 18

Lunch and Learn, Feb 14 2014

The development team here at Chargify has started to do “lunch and learns” every other Friday, using Google Hangouts. These sessions provide an opportunity for us to talk shop. As a completely remote development team, it’s important to intentionally schedule time to share knowledge in this way. Here are some of the things we talked about last Friday.

Feb 13

Chargify ACH/eCheck Support is Here!

Many merchants have been pressing us to add “ACH” or “eCheck” payments in the USA.

With ACH payments, your customer pays you directly from their bank account.

Fees for ACH transactions are less expensive than for any other form of payment:

• You will pay 2-3% for credit card processing, and that’s for “qualified” transactions… certain card types (business credit cards, American Express, etc.) can push the cost up to literally 4%, depending on who you use for card processing.

• ACH transactions through Authorize.Net cost you just 1% and get less expensive as your volume increases.

The average Chargify merchant pays $438/mo for credit card processing. With ACH, they’d pay $146/mo.