Jul 10

Chargify and Shopify: Version 2

A Good Thing Just Got Better

Two years ago, Shopify noticed that a number of merchants wanted support for recurring orders, so we worked with Shopify to provide a solution with Chargify.

It was a solid start, but Shopify/Chargify merchants really wanted to view one-time orders (from Shopify) and recurring orders (from Chargify) ALL IN SHOPIFY.

As of today, this is possible!

Jul 09

Chargify + Braintree + PayPal = Pay with PayPal!

Some of your customers want to pay with PayPal.

Now they can!

We’ve been working with Braintree this year to make it a reality starting today - the first day that this new payment mechanism is available to anyone.

Chargify is the first commerce platform to make this available. It was an engineering stretch to meet the deadline, but we did!

Jun 27

Customize and Design Your Emails

For some time now merchants have been asking for more control over the emails that get sent to their customers. In the past couple of months we have been working very hard on doing just that. Today we’re happy to announce Custom Email Templates.

Jun 10

New Payment Gateway / Card Processor Options

When we can’t satisfy a new or existing merchant because we lack support for the payment gateway or card/transaction processor they need, that’s a real shame, because we may have everything else they need, but that last piece is missing.

To alleviate this problem, here are 4 new gateways that work with Chargify:

May 24

Bulk Operations Save You Time

With 1,300 businesses running on Chargify, there are many things that developers and business owners would like us to add to make their lives easier.

One of these things is Bulk Operations - the ability to change something on many subscriptions at the same time.

In the day-to-day course of business, these kinds of things can save a lot of time for you and your coworkers.