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"Their RESTful API and hosted payment solution permit simple integration into any website."

"…offers helpful tools that provide insight into customer behavior."

"Chargify handles single or recurring transactions, free trial periods, promotions, refunds, receipts and reminders."

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Learn more about how Chargify works with multiple merchant accounts & gateways.

  • When do I pick my hosted payment page subdomain?

    Once you’ve signed up for Chargify, you’ll be asked to login for the first time and set up your merchant credentials. At this time you will also pick your hosted payment page URL as a subdomain of Chargify. Most companies choose their company name for simplicity, e.g.

  • What happens when a customer’s credit card payment fails aka "dunning"?

    Online transactions fail for a few reasons: there could be a problem with the credit card used, your online payment gateway settings, or your merchant account. If it’s a problem with your customer’s credit card, Chargify will manage the entire dunning process automatically. You can send out automatic notifications when cards are about to expire and setup customized emails for different payment issues.