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Growing Business


  • 2,000 Included Customers*(for more $0.69/ea)
  • 1,000 Included Non-Paying Users*(for more $0.01/ea)
  • Prior Features Plus
  • High Priority Support
  • Team Member Access Controls

More Customers? Need lower costs? See Enterprise plans below.

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Small Business Plus


  • 500 Included Customers*(for more $0.99/ea)
  • 1,000 Included Non-Paying Users*(for more $0.01/ea)
  • Prior Features Plus
  • Invoicing / Net Terms Billing
  • Analytics (Churn & LTV)
  • Webhooks Replay
  • Salesforce
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Small Business


  • 500 Included Customers*(for more $0.99/ea)
  • 1,000 Included Non-Paying Users*(for more $0.01/ea)
  • Prior Features Plus
  • ACH/eCheck Billing**
  • API Tech Support
  • Webhooks Control Panel
  • Remove Chargify "badge" on Portal
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New Idea


  • 20 Included Customers*(for more $1.99/ea)
  • 1,000 Included Non-Paying Users*(for more $0.01/ea)
  • Credit Card Billing
  • PayPal Billing
  • API Access
  • No API Tech Support
  • Customer Self-Serve Portal
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Enterprise Plans

Up to 1 million customers

  • 3 Data Centers
  • Used by News Corp, Inc. Magazine, and many others
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  • SLA on largest plans
  • Business Continuity Plan
  • Auditor's Report on Compliance
  • Network Security Info
  • Disaster Recovery Plan
  • 7 cents to 13 cents per customer
  • Try All Features
  • No Time Limit
  • Low Priority Support
  • Online Documentation
  • API Access (Self-Serve)
  • Test Transactions Only

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* A CUSTOMER is someone who prepaid for OR owes you money for the current month. NOTE 1: Someone who prepays you for multiple months of service is counted in each month (ie, someone who signs up to a 6-month subscription all paid up front). NOTE 2: If your paid product has a free trial period, users count as a NON-PAYING USER (see below) during the trial period, and THEN count as a CUSTOMER when the trial ends and we start trying to get payment from them.

* A NON-PAYING USER is someone who is subscribed to a free product OR who is currently in the free trial period of a paid product.

* Workaround for Annual Customers: if you have low-paying annual customers, you may want to consider a workaround that lowers your costs: subscribe them to a totally free product that cycles every year, then manually (or programmatically with webhooks and API) do a one-time charge after each renewal. Each person will count as a CUSTOMER in the months when you do a one-time charge (in this case, 1 month per year)... in the other 11 months, they will count as a NON-PAYING USER, which saves you money. It's a little more work & responsibility for you, in trade for lower cost.

** All payment gateways support credit card and debit card payments from your customers. Authorize.Net gateway is required to process bank account payments from your customers. Braintree gateway is required to process PayPal payments from your customers. See our Payment Gateways page for more info.

"We are so glad we chose Chargify for our billing & subscription management. The features we need, painless integration, and excellent support. Kajabi is definitely a happy Chargify customer."

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